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Brave heroes, beautiful princesses, epic battles …

These are the things that ordinary Mariah Miller dreams about. Born into a world where magic is fading, she longs for adventure and escape from her sleepy village where everyone sees her as a bad luck charm. 

When her father and brother are kidnapped by the mysterious Shadow Master, Mariah dares to defy her rotten luck and sets out alone to save them. She quickly gets more than she bargained for as she finds herself facing down an ancient curse and navigating a country on the brink of war. Mariah has never had luck on her side, but she does have a shabby old knight, his disagreeable young squire, a traveling librarian, and a big black dog named Moose.

As she and her companions hurtle toward confrontation with the Shadow Master, Mariah realizes that in order to save the people she loves, she will have to turn her luck around and find the extraordinary within herself.


This exclusive hardcover edition contains a bonus map of Mariah's adventure!



301  pages


9.8” (249mm) x 6.2” (158mm) x 0.79” (20mm)



Publication Date

2 January 2024


Green Gem Press


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